Vision Screening

Vision Screening plays an important role in industry, none of our senses are so important as that of vision as once it is impaired can rarely be restored. However, a visual impairment need not severely inhibit an otherwise healthy person.  People with deficient sight can still achieve adequate levels of vision if professional eye care is obtained when it is needed.

In industry, a comprehensive screening programme can provide a general overview of employee's visual disorders, detecting those where corrective action should be taken.

Vision Screening Tests identify individuals with defective vision who need to be referred on for a full eyesight test with a optician/optometrist.  We will carry out a comprehensive test of  visual functions, including;

  • Eye co-ordination
  • Depth perception
  • Colour blindness
  • Distance Vision
  • Middle Vision
  • Near Vision etc.

Individuals who will require inclusion in a screening programme are:

  • Display Screen Equipment users in accordance with the Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992
  • Van Drivers
  • Fork Lift Truck Drivers
  • Company Car Drivers
  • Close Inspection Workers
  • Occupations where 'normal' colour vision is desirable or essential

The Screening Process

The Vision Screening Test is carried out on site and takes about 15 minutes and the results will be discussed with the employee and if necessary referrals to an optician will be advised. A report of the results will be forwarded to the employer. Screening is advisable at Pre-employment and then 2-yearly thereafter.

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