Return To Work Assessment

High levels of staff sickness absence requires effective management, by referring individuals to us for assessment you will receive a report that will enable you to deal with any problems in a fair, consistent manner balancing the needs of the employee with their work requirements.

This is an extremely useful assessment to initially identify problems:

  • When a member of staff has had several episodes of short-term absences.
  • Where there is long term or continuous sickness absence i.e. longer than 4 weeks.
  • Where there is concern that there may be work related health problems or that existing health problems are worsening as a result of work duties.
  • Where performance issues may be affected by an underlying health factor
  • When there may have difficulties following return to work after being absent e.g.: following a serious illness or disability.

We will give you advice on the individuals:

  • Fitness for work: whether or not the person has a health problem that may affect their capability at work
  • Return to work: if the person is currently absent, when they are likely to be ready to return and whether a gradual structured return would be of benefit.
  • Rehabilitation advice: steps you can take that may enable the person to return to work before full recovery
  • Future attendance: how much absence you can expect in the future as a result of health problems
  • Future performance: to determine whether the person will be fit to undertake all duties upon recovery.

The individual will be interviewed about their health and the effects of any health problems on their work and home life. They will also be asked about other issues that may affect their health and about any treatment they have received. Where appropriate, a workplace assessment may be needed and/or a clinical examination necessary. If so, the Occupational Health Physician will conduct this. In some instances it may be necessary to request medical information from the person's GP.

It may also be necessary to review the person after a period of time to assess their progress and response to any treatment before an opinion can be given on when the individual is ready to return to work or to full duties.

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Workwell provides services across a broad range of Occupational Health needs for both industrial and commercial businesses, helping to ensure your workforce is healthy, productive and that sickness absence is managed effectively and minimised.

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Fit for Work/ Return to work Assessment
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