Night Worker Assessment

This assessment is intended for proposed and/or current employees to identify any issues that may affect or preclude them from working at night. Under the Governments Working Time Regulations 1998 anybody working regularly for three or more hours between the hours of 11.00pm and 6.00am is usually considered a Night Worker additionally, an employer has to offer all employees that work nights a pre-employment and regular health assessment. 

The conditions typically investigated are:

  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Heart Trouble
  • Lung Disorders (Asthma)
  • Intestinal Problems
  • Kidney Disease
  • Mental Illness
  • Chronic Sleep Disorders / Problems
  • Joint, Back and Neck Problems.

Although an individual may be found to be suffering from any one or more of the above it does not necessarily preclude them from night working. The emphasis is placed on identifying any risk factors so that they can be managed effectively protecting the employee's health and the safety of other people working around them.

The Screening Process

In the first instance detailed questionnaire is completed by the individual.  This is to provide any information of a history of any of the above conditions and/or related symptoms.  Any individual identified as possibly being at risk will be asked to attend an appointment on-site with an Occupational Health  Professional when any problems will be investigated further. A report along with an action plan of any recommendations will be created for each employee.

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