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Workwell provides services across a broad range of Occupational Health services for both industrial and commercial businesses, helping to ensure your workforce is healthy, productive and that sickness absence is managed effectively and minimised.

Services we offer include:

• Pre-Employment Screening
• Fit for Work/ Return to work Assessment
• Routine Health Surveillance
• Biological Monitoring (e.g. Lead, Isocyanates, Chrome etc.)
• Audiometry (Hearing) Test
• Spirometry (Lung Function) Test
• Vision Screening
• Skin Surveillance
• Night Worker Assessment
• Other Services
Welcome to Workwell Health - Our approach makes perfect business sense

Maximum Cost Effectiveness - i.e. 'Pay As You Go' - only pay for the services you need, and only when you want them. (Although we'd be pleased to discuss any specific longer term, routine requirements). Additionally our rates are extremely competitive.

Fast, local response - Based in Stoke-on-Trent and operating mainly in the North Staffordshire & South Cheshire regions we will make every attempt to be there when you need us. We accept that issues arise without prior notice and we'll make every attempt to satisfy your requirements in the shortest possible timescales.

On your premises - We realise that sending employees 'here and there' for medical screenings and training etc. is costly and disruptive. We come to you, whenever and wherever possible.

Flexibility - Occupational Health Services covers a broad spectrum. We're particularly proud of the in-house experience and the diversity of service provision that our team offers. From routine pre-employment screening to blood sampling, first aid training to respiratory mask fitting advice. (But please see our 'services' page for a full listing).

Quality - Workwell's people have all been carefully selected. Of course we all hold the professional qualifications and have the necessary experience required to fulfil the specific functions but we also share the same work ethics of wanting to please our client, being totally reliable and fully committed. We like to think that our services are delivered to you 'pleasantly' as well as professionally.

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Healthy People - Healthy Business

The 2007 CIPD Absence management survey showed that sickness absence accounts for 8.4% of working time - equivalent to 8 working days for each employee each year. The average cost of sickness absence is £659 per employee per year…..

Do the sums, how much is this costing your business?

Sickness absenteeism is a significant cost you to your business. It needs to be controlled, managed and minmimised.

Workwell can assist in managing this aspect of your business, allowing you more time to concentrate on your core business activities.

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Increase Morale in the Workplace

Employees genuinely appreciate the feeling of being valued by their employer. Ensuring their health and well being lifts morale, which in turn benefits the business

Contact us for advice on any Occupational Health requirements that may be relevant to you.

We'd be pleased to visit your premises and offer a free consultation on how our services can benefit your business and your employees.

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Workwell Health Services offer Occupational Health Services in and around Staffordshire and the surrounding areas including Stoke On Trent. Workwell Health Services use a range of qualified Occupational Health Nurses to deliver our Occupational Health Services in Staffordshire and the surrounding areas